it's been awhile..here's a baby b update.

28 weeks 5 days

and i feel super glowy lately. i'm super in ♥ with my bump, y'all. is that weird?

here's the haps on pregnancy #2:
*at last weigh in, i've gained 10.2 lbs
*i actually had to log into thebump.com to figure out how far along i am. eek.
*i've got a horrible pelvic disorder that makes everything really horrible.
*hubs and i have decided to get a birthing tub so i can labor at home comfortably.
* i have yet to buy one thing for bella. like really. i'm slacking. but once school is
over...i'm all about this baby/pregnancy/labor.
*i've been craving fruits, veggies, salty chips, and chocolate/peanutbutter combos [like reese's]
*my braxton hicks contrax are KILLER. which makes me think that actual labor might be just as quick as last time.
*i'm super excited to meet Bella, even though i'm sure she hates me already.

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