um, where did my body go?

as much as i love having children and being a mom...i'm kind of curious as to where the OLD kiranda went. you know, the HAWT one. the one that broke necks and dropped jaws EVERYWHERE. lol okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration...

but um, i was, how you say, HAWT?!

[and this was from NOT working out!]

THAT'S IT. I'm staging an official-- KICK MY OWN BOOTY diet/exercise regimen once Bella is born. Mommyhood is awesome, but I've gotta get back to this.

funny side note: look how close together my two tattoos are. lol they're like LIGHTYEARS away from each other now. hahahaha


  1. WORD, I need to get in shape too! You look pretty amaze for a mommy though (Actually, better than most mamas).

  2. We should start a mommyhood workout together hahaha. I definitely will need to lose some weight. :(

  3. I am so with you. Let's do it!!!


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