Dancing for Change!!

What are we doing today? We're going dancing! And what better way to get change than to dance, right?

Moms Rising contacted me about joining them in their all-ages-sing-along-dance party at the Capitol Building in Olympia,WA. Recess Monkey is going to be there. It's free and it's all in support of quality early childhood education.

We're really excited about it and can't wait to go check it out!! Here's a blurb about what we're dancing for:

It's a tough legislative session.  We're in an economic downturn, and critically important programs designed to support young children and families -- from prenatal care to preschool and everything in between -- are in jeopardy of being cut just when families need them most.

We moms & kids may not have high-powered lobbyists buying politicians fancy lunches every day, but we have something much better -- thousands of families across the state who are committed to giving Washington children a great start.

So if you live around here, or know anyone who does...send them on out!! We'd love to see you dancing out there with us!!!

You can RSVP here!!! http://action.momsrising.org/signup/WA_Dance_Party-2011/

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