I promise, I haven't fallen off the planet!

Hey y'all!!!

I'm still alive and kickin! lol. I miss blogging sooo much! It's really hard to blog from your phone!

I'm still at the hospital with Bella. I'm no longer a patient, but since she is still in the NICU and is exclusively breastfed, I'm boarding in one of the rooms for a few days. It's actually kind of nice...sometimes. A typical day for me [let's say starting at 5am] goes a little something like this:

5:00am- wake up and go to NICU to feed Bella.
5:30ish to 8am- chill in room, order breakfast, get more sleep
8:00am- head to NICU to feed Bella
8:30ish to 11am- chill in room, eat breakfast, get more sleep
11:00am- head to NICU to feed Bella
noon to 2pm- chill in room, shower, eat lunch, maybe leave the hospital and come home for a second [at least the last few days]
2:00pm- head to NICU to feed Bella
2:30-5pm- chill in room, eat dinner or just look at it. lol
5:00pm- head to NICU to feed Bella
6 to 8pm- room chillin,watch tv
8:00pm- head to NICU to feed Bella [i'm sensing a pattern here..lol]
9 to 11pm- watch a bunch of tv
11:00pm- feeding time!
midnight to 2am- either doze off or watch late night tv shows. fuuuuun!
2:00am- feed that bella bean!
2 to 5am- SNOOOOOZE.

rinse. and repeat.

FUN, huh?

It's nice to get sleep and not have to worry about the normal household things, but I totally miss my bed and all my comfort things and of course- MY CHUBBAH! I've seen him briefly everyday since Bella was born, but I just want to snuggle him. :/

As for Bellz, she's doing really well. She's starting to maintain her body temperature and as of today went back under the phototherapy lights for elevated bilirubin levels. Despite the fact that she's nowhere near jaundice...but that's another blog post. *grumble*. She's a nursing champ, but refuses to eat when she's getting her beauty rest. She's a diva, I tell you! I've got a ton of cute iphone pics of her that I'll try to upload via my phone tonight. She hasn't needed oxygen or any other intervention. She's doing so so well on her own. I just wish the NICU people would let her come home. I'm hoping for a discharge this weekend. She's such a fighter!!

Welp, I miss you all and hope you miss me too. lol I'll try to update here even if they're short!


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  1. So glad to hear the Bella is doing great. Hard to believe that we pretty much started our 2nd pregnancy journeys together via Blogger and that we almost both gave birth within the same week!

    Anyways, praying that Bella will be discharged soon!

  2. Glad she's doing awesome! Seriously, with your good attitude, you're so inspiring - and I am not easily inspired! Your routine actually sounds kind of relaxing - Hope your home is not too much of a mess when you return. ;)

  3. excited for you! you are tough!!!!!

  4. Can't wait to see pictures, hope you and her get to break free soon!


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