The one where she called my bluff....

So you know how I had mentioned before about deciding my own due date? Well you see, my daughter thought it'd be far more appropriate to run things her way.

I always joke that it's The Kiranda Show! (in fact, that's what my myspace name was), but Bella has made it clear that this is The Bella B show and I need to take a backseat!

Short story summed up (and it really is a short story!!)...Bella made her arrival last night at 9:24pm! She's currently in the NICU (as she was born at 34wks2dys), but the docs all agree she's kicking butt and taking names! They obviously have to monitor her there but anticipate she won't be there long!

When I went to see and hang out with her, she was grasping my finger, sucking her tongue and chillin out. She's breathing perfectly on her own and has only had slightly low blood pressure...like her mama.

She looks like a little old woman...(my babies are old souls I tell ya) and has Charlie's fingers, toes and hairline and my nose and lips! She's a lot more fatty than her brother, despite being a few ounces smaller than him at birth.

Im recovering awesomely and hope to take my baby girl home soon!! I'm pumping to get my milk going and so far so good! I can't wait to feed her!! Look for a birth story soon!!! Trust me, it's kind of hilarious!

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  1. Oh she's so cute! Born just a week earlier than my little girl. Congratulations, hope you can take her home soon!

  2. Oh wait, reading your previous post.. they're were the same gestational age!

  3. Ahh, she's beautiful! And I love what a great attitude you have. Glad she's doing well - congrats, mama!

  4. Congratulations! Just couldn't wait to get out and meet the world, eh? Precious <3

  5. Oh yes, they do run the show. We like to think that we do but they are truly the ones in charge!


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