whatever whatever, i do what i want. :P

i've just come to the realization that i am a big ole' brat. lol  well not really...let me explain.

when i found out i was pregnant with B, it came at a time when we weren't truly expecting it. in fact, if you remember, i started freaking out because hubs and i hadn't been *ahem* intimate for awhile but when i looked back and added it all up, i figured i probably was pregnant. eep!

the way our OB care works, if you know when your last menstrual cycle was or when the baby was conceived, then you get a due date and that's that. you get one [ONE, friends] ultrasound at twenty weeks and you better pray your baby opens those legs to see a gender, otherwise you'll pay out of pocket or be SOL when it comes to figuring out whether you need hairbows and ruffles or trainsets and tennis shoes.

 in any case, i lied and said i didn't know how far along i was. and technically, i didn't know. i was still EBFing so i wasn't having periods, but i did know which two days she'd been conceived. by those days, i'd calculated that she was due at the end of may. the twenty-seventh or twenty-eighth, to be exact. but according to their ultrasound, i was due june first.

well friends. i've gone long enough doing things their way. tonight- i've decided to go by my OWN due date. lol. well not my own, just the date based on her conception. of course that's not to say they were wrong or anything, but i tend to have small babies so they measure younger in utero anyway.

so. as of today. i am 34wks and 6 days pregnant. tomorrow will be my 35/35 day. wicked, right?!

now, show of hands: who thinks i'm a brat?! lol

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