kiranda mays and the corn presents...

i really hope to see some of you seattle/ PNW mama's there. it'd be really nice to have you in the audience...AND you'd get to see me in my "element". what i do in the "off season", if you will.

i'm getting less stressed about it and more anxious. i just can't wait for it to be "showtime"....yk? i'm ready to show how i've grown over the last six years as a vocalist and a performer. and i hope everything goes off without a hitch. that being said, i love that some things just can't be planned. jazz is beautiful that way. so in the very least, know i'll be getting up on that stage and doing that "jazz" thing that just seems to flow so effortlessly these days.

now onto the bigger task at hand.....DRESSES!! i need at least ONE awesome dress. but two would be even better. and with my ever-growing belly...i'm not sure if i should buy one now or wait until a few days before. i couldn't possibly get MUCH bigger in the next few days....RIGHT? although, my teacher pointed out that i look much much more pregnant than i did last week....fab.

tomorrow i'm going to look. who knows?! maybe i'll come home with something!!


  1. I wishhhh I could go but we may be up in Seattle that weekend and Adam has to work so I would have to be back Sunday and wouldn't be able to drive that far again. SAD :(


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