got the idea from mandy @ a sorta fairytale. and it's brilliant so i'm joining in.

i'm really upset that i'm getting "sick" or having "allergies". this is NOT supposed to be happening two weeks before my recital. and i really hope it goes away or is manageable by showtime. because i will NOT accept anything less than amazing-ness from myself come april 18th. okaaay.

i bought the cutest converse from target on saturday. i just lurve them. like whoa.
they're a lot more comfy than i thought they would be. 
and they totally compliment my "not-a-stereotypical-mom" thing i've got going on lately.

can someone PLEASE come do my homework for me? i just don't wanna do it.

i wish i had more time to devote to photography right now. but i don't.
and it's killing me. but school is almost over. bella is almost here.
and hopefully i won't be too tired to work on it once she is here.

this weather is really depressing me. i need sunshine. like STAT.
get on it, seattle!

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