Steppin Out to Target!

we all went to target yesterday..including Buddy! we had fun...that is..until Chubs and Pups decided they didn't want to sit still in the cart. and my anxiety just pushed us right out the door...but not before dropping $100!! how do people make it out of target without going broke?!

what i wore:
jacket: h&m
tank top: not sure
shirt: target
jeans: motherhood maternity
converse: target!!

what buddy wore: 
leash & harness : petsmart

what hubs wore:
jacket: F21
shirt: F21
jeans: guess
shoes: macys

what chubbs wore:
jacket: hand-me-down
shirt [unseen]: plaid from jcpenny
jeans: jcpenny
shoes: nordstrom rack [gifted]

1 comment:

  1. Cute cute! Y'all are stylish!

    Jealous of your cute bump!


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