no april fools..this really happened, friends.

yesterday, i was craving Farrelli's pizza. despite the chubbah having an ear infection, we went out. he always tends to do better when we're away from the house. on the way there, i got a hair up my butt wanting a puppy...yet again. i think the hubs is used to this by now. kiranda decides she wants something and he has to talk her out of it...

except this time, i could not be swayed. i was on craigslist searching all throughout dinner and was pulling out all the stops to convince him that his reasons for not wanting a dog were completely invalid. lol 

when we came home, i found THE. PERFECT. DOG. i emailed the lady and was the first one to respond. after an okay from the hubs, my girl Brandi and i headed out for an hour long roadtrip {one way} to go meet the little bugger.

this is buddy! :D

{and he's AAAAAALLLLLL mine. well, actually austin's. bc that kid fuh-reaaks when he can't hold him}

i finally bring the little guy home around 1am. he's potty trained and had been in the car the whole time so i took him outside to go potty before bed. he was off leash because the previous owner hadn't given us one but i figured: he's small, he can't get too far.... {famous last words}

we come inside and i take him to the bedroom. he jumps off the bed and heads toward the door again. i figure, "oh okay, you need to go potty again". and we head outside. THIS time, he starts marking his territory a little further away from the house. he runs across the street and i follow after him with treats. as i approach, he barks at me and takes off running towards our house. i follow him and he runs down the street. i follow him some more. i go and sit on our front porch and he comes near me, just close enough but not too close. 

i lunch forward to grab him. he takes off running and stops at the edge of our lawn. i run inside and grab his bag of food and his favorite toy and go back outside just in time to see him take off running into the night. 

crap. ::headdesk::

so i take off after him. i run two blocks away, in the dark...after him. and end up falling. yep. all almost eight months pregnant of me- FELL. HARD. on CONCRETE. i tripped over my feet and fell forward {and too the left}, but managed to catch myself on my hands and left knee. i did hit my belly pretty hard and had a few scratches on it too. i limped back to the house, told charlie that the dog ran away and went back outside to try and find him. i ran back the two blocks and went out a third when i encountered two SUPER LARGE raccoons. not wanting to be attacked while i was already in pain {and contracting really bad}, i limped back to where charlie could see me and he helped me back to the house.

so at this point... i've fallen. {hard} and started contracting. we still couldn't find the dog. and i hadn't felt bella move since falling. i knew i wouldn't be okay until i knew she was okay so we headed up to madigan. i felt so bad waking austin up but we couldn't just leave him home alone and we didn't feel we could or should call anyone to come over. within minutes of arriving, i was strapped to monitors and heard bella's glorious heartbeat. *whew* i felt relieved.  the docs wanted to keep me there for a few hours of observation and see how things went as time passed.

i spent about seven hours at the hospital and managed to get a decent amount of sleep. but here's what we've found out: i'm 2cm dilated, 50% effaced, minus 2 station {which is where i was when i was induced with Austin at 38wks} and my bag of waters is bulging already. we're not sure if the fall had anything to do with my cervix changing but it certainly didn't help things. in case you're not aware...i'm only 31 weeks. meaning, bella isn't in the safe zone for another 6 weeks. 

*insert terrified mother here*

i'd appreciate a lot of prayers at this point. i'm not officially put on bedrest, but i'm strongly advised to take it easy. and hopefully i can rest enough so that bella doesn't show her pretty face too soon. this has prompted me to start considering what we're going to do should she come sooner. the doctors weren't talking philosophically if she comes sooner, it was more matter-of-fact. and that terrifies me...

also...it was brought to my attention that i should maybe get the steroid shot NOW to help develop her lungs should she come sooner. what do y'all think out there in the blog-o-sphere? 



  1. I think that you have to make a decision about the shots and lay low as much as possible!

  2. Awww...we are keeping you in prayer. Praying that Bella stays put until her due date. I think the steroid shots are a good idea. You want to be prepared just in case. Enjoy your bedrest!

  3. Hun I had my youngest at 34 weeks and he was fine, no NICU or anything. Baby will come when it is time and not before in the meantime buy a leash for the mini terror and teach it obedience .. Yikes praying you keep Bella in till later.


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