the post baby bod.

awhile back, i posted about my old body. the body that i totally didn't think was as hot as it really was. of course, it could always be better, but i'm trying to "love what i have". lol in any case, i'm officially not baking a bean anymore so it's time to start my "whoop that booty back into shape" regimen. 

so how can i do it?

i'm not really sure yet. but there are several different things i can try. there's weight watchers [& ww points plus], clean eating, regular ole' diet and exercise....just to name a few. whatever i choose, it has to be lasting and it has to work! i don't want to take pills or supplements because i don't know the affects it would have on my breastmilk and whatnot. and i don't want anything that isn't going to last. i'm looking for a LIFESTYLE CHANGE PEOPLE! lol.  the hubs and i have agreed to stop making babies for awhile so it's a great time to start. hahaha.

so. *cough* i guess it's time to debut the "post baby bod".... please be kind.

gah! back fat.

cool, huh?

so! i need suggestions. i've made this agreement with charlie that he has complete control over my diet once i'm out of the hospital. technically, i'm still here since i'm boarding and feeding bella every few hours. once i'm done staying here, i'm only eating healthy foods. 

:/....i'm scared. lol

so i got weighed today, but i was wearing chunky boots. and it seems like i've lost 7lbs so far. i'll weigh myself for real tomorrow for a real weigh-in.


  1. My post baby body, I looked 4 months pregnant still. seriously.

    It took a while for my belly to go back to normal.

    Frankly You look good!
    I think you'll snap back in no time.

  2. i lost all my baby weight by cutting out all junk food (fried foods too :( )! i gained 50 lbs with ms. karina. because i love mint oreos more than i love carrots.
    oh and i had chips for the first time since january last night... yeah didnt end well.

  3. OMG. I wish my tummy looked half good when I delivered Moo. I had still had strangers asking me if I was preggers. I've been a lot more active this pregnancy so I hope that the weight will come off easier.


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