What I Wore...Steppin Out.

i think it's time for some happy posts, no?

today was such a beautiful day here in the PNW and it would've been a complete shame had we stayed inside. so charlie and i went out for a date. a REAL date. the first REAL date in a long time.

and...it was good. does that make me a horrible mom?

we went to red lobster after feeding bella and had such a good time. it was nice to get to sit across my husband and not worry about my toddler throwing things across the table and all that jazz. and speaking of austin, he's been having a blast. i've called and heard him blabbing away and having a good time in the background. apparently, he LOVES playing the piano..lol

what the hubs wore:
sweater: f21
jeans: not sure
shoes: PX

[i asked if he wanted to change poses..he said no. lol]

what i wore:
dress: motherhood maternity [i know, right?]
boots: gifted from mom
wrist bands: madigan hospital [hehe]

THIS delish looking dessert is the apple crumble from red lobster. omdrool.


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  1. Omg, it doesn't look like you were ever preggers. I am so hoping my weight magically disappears too. Anyways glad you & the hubs got out for some couple time. You guys need it with all that you've been dealing with.


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