bella is three weeks old!

i apparently suck big time at getting these posts up on time, but alas..i'm going to try to stick with updating.

bella is officially three weeks old, as of last friday. and omwow has time flown by that quickly? once again i'll be saying that pretty much every time i update...just like with austin. and to be honest, it feels like she's been here forever. how did we ever NOT have baby b?

she is absolutely splendid. really, a great baby. all that worrying i did about how she would "obviously be a  terror since austin was so amazing"...totally not even a factor. actually, she's pretty similar to her brother. she sleeps quite a bit, just like he did, and she eats really well. the only problem is that she loves her sleep so much she would rather sleep than eat. she'll wake up and signal she's ready to eat [hardly EVER crying..which is a serious blessing!] and then once she's warm and snuggled up to mommy, she falls right back to sleep!! so i find myself having to irritate her to keep her away. shh..don't tell but this is secretly my favorite. i get to rub her little ears and tickle her feet and play with her hair...all kinds of fun stuff.

at her last appointment, she still weighed 5lbs, 8oz...but i know she's getting enough food because she's pooping up a storm!! speaking of poop... my favorite baby topic....she is a little poop machine! omWORD this girl can poop. most of my day is spent changing her poopy diapers. and i love it. lol

she's beginning to stay awake for longer periods of time too. this is a lot of fun because i can talk to her and give her "eskimo kisses" and all that good mushy stuff. lol. it seems like her eye sight is improving too...i don't know anything scientifically, but it just seems like she's starting to "see me" and not just a blurry shape that smells like milk. i don't know if that makes any sense. lol...

there's not much to update because, honestly, she's just a boring baby who is super super cute but sleeps all the time. lol whenever we leave the house i mentally start going through all of her stats because i literally have to answer questions about her all. the. time. EVERYONE wants to know a million different details about her and i find myself saying the same answers over and over. just one shopping trip alone had me stopping several times in an aisle because so many people wanted to look at her. lol. should i get the shotgun ready for when she's older?

okay okay. enough bragging. here's some pictures from my iphone...because breaking out the DSLR is not always quick enough. lol

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  1. Yay!! Congrats on the 3 week old! I miss the days when she liked being held in a carrier. Aww Bella is so cute!

  2. Awww...happy 3 weeks to Bella!!


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