a bloggy playdate. [and why you might not want to be my friend IRL..lol]

thursday was a gorgeous day in the PNW. and it was even MORE awesome because i finally got to meet some of the awesome mombloggers that i idolize. like really, i read these blogs and wonder how i can get so cool like they are. ask my husband. lol.

so like i said, i was super excited to meet these fantasmic ladies. i felt like the new kid the night before the first day of school....all kinds of nervous. i agonized over my hair and makeup and what to wear. i changed austin's clothes twice...but that was beecause he spilled baby oil all over his shirt. lol and i added more anxiety when i showed up thirty minutes late! eek.

see, what people don't know is that i'm actually pretty shy in real life. [because the interwebz is fake?..lol] on here i can say things and am super witty and funny [at least i think so], but in person i tend to stumble over my words and end everything with "yea...*head nod* so....". it's really awkward. i'm the creepster that hangs out on the side and listens the conversation and then laughs really really loudly at the punchline of a story...even if it wasn't that funny. or i might laugh at something that wasn't meant to be funny... all in all, i'm just really awkward. so i was worried.

but it all was for nothing! the ladies were super nice and welcoming. and austin, bella and i had a blast. we went to the point defiance zoo and..get this..only saw a few monkeys and a tiger. lol but austin was more interested in running around anyway so i don't think he minded. and bella slept the entire time so i know she didn't care!

here's a few shots from the day:

my chub.

he was mostly excited about the glass.

amy and parker


parker..and his super fly hat.

mandy and harper

mandy and bennett


rowan and harper...aww!

bennett looking cute and austin being a weirdo

emily and poppy. i love her face in this one!


everyone! :D

emily&poppy, rachel&charlie, mandy&bennett, melissa&rowan&stella, me&austin&bella, amy&parker, and mandy&harper.


  1. totally a fun day! glad to meet you and your adorable babes!

  2. Jealous! Looks like you all had fun!

  3. i LOVED meeting you! i hope we can do this again many times this summer. :D xoxo!

  4. you are too sweet! it was wonderful meeting you :)


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