but on the slightly less dark side...

i was totally jerked around today. husband told me that they saw the isotope [nuclear dye they gave her for HIDA  scan] moving through her system. then was told a few hours later that it wasn't moving. totally sucktastic. i had him call the doctors to get an update and i'm glad he did. they finally decided on what to do and we have a projected coming home date.

tomorrow, she'll go in for a liver biopsy. takes all of a few minutes to do. have you seen House or Grey's Anatomy? they do them on there if you're curious. lol they'll ship out those labs and try to get some results. in the meantime, for twenty four hours they'll monitor her progress to make sure she doesn't bleed out or have any other complications. because the liver is just one big bag of blood. did you know that? i didn't. hm, learn something new every day. as long as she's doing good- we get to go home after that.


that was a slightly muted 'yay' because on one hand i'm happy to be coming home. but on the other hand, i just wish they could figure out what's going on without having to do exploratory surgery...which, btw...is the next step in this process should the biopsy not have conclusive results. other than this liver stuff, there's no reason to keep her in the NICU since she's not having any "nicu-type issues". so it'll be nice to have my baby girl home and sleep in my own bed and walk around nekkid. BECAUSE I MISS THAT LIKE WHOA, Y'ALL!!!

oh. and her conjugated bili levels are down to a 2.2.......but they "don't believe it's due to a premature liver issue"...pssh. 

you know what doesn't make sense? her body is doing the things that it should be doing naturally, just slowly. wouldn't that tell you that maybe her liver is just slow? that's how it seems to me. but these docs just don't seem to want to think of it that way. it's either biliary atresia or some other mystery diagnosis. it couldn't just be "slow-to-function". i shake my head. 

in any case, that's the slightly less dark side [or the bright side as some of you may see it]. i'm tired and crampy and i'm trying to figure out why my husband can't keep the house spotless when he's the only one home and even HE'S gone most of the day...*grumble* i feel pre-menstrual. lol

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  1. OH I know you are so ready for her to be home. She will do so much better with her mommy all the time and in all that love.. Love heals anything

  2. You poor thing! Sounds like a lot that you're going through and I will keep my fingers crossed that you all get to come home very soon. It's such a scary thing. Best wishes to you! BTW: husbands will never be neat or keep things neat, even when it's just them..lol..men are just messy!


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