today friends, was the start of a new day. or at least i'd like to think it was.

you see, i woke up and told myself silently..."you are GOING to get a workout in today, gersh darnit!"my self said, "sure mcfatty..keep telling yourself that." but i wasn't deterred. i kept telling my fat behind, "today wideass...you're hitting the gym!"

so the day progressed.

austin was an absolute terror this morning. he almost got bit by buddy because he just didn't understand no. he kept trying to lay on his sister. he kept trying to wake UP his sister. he wouldn't cuddle with me when i wanted a nap [hey! what can i say? i was tired.]. just all kinds of toddler.

after the husband came home for lunch, i got a bug up my butt and started cleaning. then austin, bella, buddy and i went to the park and played then walked around the block. then during austin's lunch i cleaned the kitchen. i went back and forth between spooning some chicken and rice in his mouth to cleaning the dishes. until i turned around and saw this:

poor guy. lol

and the day went on and on.

i burned the pizza we were supposed to be nom-ing on when the hubs came home from work so i suggested taco bell as a quick thing to eat that would fill us up. at this point, my body was totally winning the war from earlier in the morning.

BUT- i suggested my little family all head to the park that's a little further away from the house! so we did. and we played for about 30 minutes to an hour. then GET THIS: i told the hubs i was going to go to the gym at eight o'clock. i was worried it was already close to eight and had it been, i wouldn't have gone. BUT- it was only seven. so i came home, edited pictures and then....

*duh duh dunnnnn*


*happy dance*

and i ran! i ran a MILE! and i still had some left in me, but i didn't want to push it so i hopped off and lifted weights. but OH. EM. GEE! I did it!! according to my day, i had several reasons to keep putting it off for the next day, but i did it. [take THAT big booty!]

...and i totally ate a salad for dinner tonight. kiranda FOR THE WIN!

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