i'll call that a lesson learned.

in continuing with my #momof2...OH, THE HILARITY! segment of my blog...i'll share some lessons i've learned in the last two days of having both of my kids home.

when going to the grocery store, keep it to one hour. two hours in the grocery store results in a screaming baby and a toddler who loses your shopping lists and some other important papers...that no one will return. :(

seriously..go to bed at night. don't try to blog or edit pictures or clean or ANYTHING after 10pm.  otherwise, you'll hate those decisions when your kids wake with the sunlight.

it will never fail. one will go to sleep, then the other will wake up. accept this as your reality and you'll be fine.

have snacks ready. at. all. times.

don't worry if your toddler is sleeping in an awkward position because if you move, you won't get a nap. he'll learn his lesson for next time..lol

obviously most of my recent learned lessons concern sleep. can you tell i'm a bit sleepy?

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  1. I see what I have to look forward to in a few weeks.


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