normally, i hate hashtags outside of the twitter. but for this post, i'll make an exception...seeing as how that is how you'll probably find hilarious tweets as i detail the awesomeness that is being a new mom of two babies under the age of 2. good times.

so how did my first day go? completely and totally alone with the two kidlets?

surprisingly, well.

as i stated in my last post, austin is completely enamored of his wittle sister. but he definitely has his moments where he "wishes she wasn't here". take for example when i'm nursing her. i wondered if he would want to start nursing again. it seems he's not interested in nursing, but gets sudden urges to cuddle. as soon as he sees her latched on, he wants to sit on my lap and lay his head on my chest. it's really cute. but his big ole' noggin usually rests on her tiny little body so i have to get really creative.

he also likes giving her kisses. but these kisses are usually incredibly rough and translate more as headbutts. lol but it's the thought that counts, right?

and when we tell him to be gentle [which is like 95% of the time...my little hercules doesn't know his own strength], most of the time he gets mad and starts hitting. and when we say don't hit...he listens, right? NOPE. he keeps hitting. but instead of hitting her, he starts hitting ME. or scratching me. which is all kinds of awesome.


i'm just slowly but surely learning that i can't leave this kid alone with his sister. he's totally not used to sharing. and he likes to test his limits.

oh this is gonna be a fun ride.

side note: i'm adding this button to the sidebar. click for all the funny stories of raising two kids under 2. 

oh, the hilarity.

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