saturdays rock.

today we all slept in. we stayed "in bed" til around noon. lately we've been sleeping on our couch since there's enough room for all of us on there. we're big co-sleepers and since our bed is a full-size and can't adequately fit all four [sometimes five] of us....to the couch we go! so yea. we got the kiddos dressed and headed out to the playground. we like to go to the one that's just a little further away from our house- there's hardly any kids there so i don't have to worry about bigger kids pushing him and stuff.

seriously, how are you not in luuuurrrrve!?

i die.

"oh there's my ride."

"hey ladies..you wanna join me?"

"hmm..my legs are a bit too short."

then we came home and he promptly passed out while bella and i went across the street to a friend's birthday party for her son who turned seven. they had the CUTEST theme EVAR. cat in the hat. seriously. i want to do this one day. here are the cute cupcakes...{they started melting in the box it was kinda warm}

vanilla cupcakes with blue cotton candy as frosting.

dress: F21 | tank: motherhood | shoes: payless | earrings: F21 necklace: swarovski store [gifted]

...to be continued.
this post is pic heavy

{bum bum buuuuh}

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