bella is two months old!

my dear bellz! i can't believe it! you are two. months. old! 

when i look at you baby girl, you're just so tiny and skinny that it's hard to believe. people constantly ask how old you are and assume you're like two or three WEEKS.  they're always shocked that you're as old as you are. hey- i'm sure you'll appreciate looking younger when you get up there in age, right? lol

you're starting to be a lot more alert these days. you look around. you nom on your fingers. and the few times i've tried to implement tummy time, you decide you'd rather try to crawl! you are a scootin' fool little one!! and it's so super cute watching you. i have a feeling you'll be trying to get mobile rather soon in life. and that's not necessarily a bad thing...lol you've gotta keep up with your brother, right?

you haven't started talking yet, but you do this thing when you know people aren't doing what you want them to do...like pick you up. you scream out. it's just one short burst of loudness. and it's hilarious. other than that, the only time you cry is when you're hungry or waking up from a nap....or during a diaper change. OOOWEEE child. you HATE getting your diaper changed. to which i say, if you hate it so much..learn to go in the potty dangit! lol your diapers are pretty horrendous. for one- you poop REALLY LOUD. and then it's usually seeping out of your diaper.

and yea. today...you pooped on me. and it ran down my leg.

you're a great nurser! in fact, that's what we spend most of our days doing.. nom nom nom. your lazy nursing days are coming to an end though. you're now starting to find the nipple on your own and latch yourself, which is great when i'm tired and nursing you at three am!

and my dear bellz, you've been through so much more in the two months of your life than i have in all twenty three {...almost twenty four} years. you've had three liver biopsies, numerous blood tests and ivs, a cholangiogram and even a kasai procedure. your gall bladder was removed and your small intestine was re-routed to your liver to help with bile drainage. *whew* and even after all of that poking and prodding, you're still my amazingly strong little baby. even just being two months old, you've shown me a new type of strength. i admire you little one.

i've seen God directly working through you. you've touched so many people and taught so many lessons. and all by just being YOU. i hope to make you proud one day because i beam with pride whenever i look at you.

here are your two month stats:
height: 19 3/4 inch
weight: 7 1/2 lbs
head circ: eh...?
diet: breastmilks!
sleep schedule: through the night, but you have a feeding around 3am


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