mommyhood with a new-ness, friends.

oh hey, we're back home. sorry for the lack in posting the last couple of days. i'm trying to get out of "hospital mode" and back into mommyhood mode.

that being said....

there's NEW. STUFF. here at the ole' mommyhood blog!!!
have you seen it? 

{psst- it's all over on the sidebar....}

first order of newness: I CHANGED BLOG DIRECTORIES. TBB was cool, but this blog is about so much more than babies. it's called mommyhood, right? so i should join Top Mommy Blogs! and that's what i've done friends. please, please and thank you to be clicking and voting for this hear blog.  what's in it for you, you ask? well when people read this blog my head expands um, i keep writing. also, more people are inclined to sponsor or advertise here. also, that means giveaways. SEE! YOUUUUU benefit. 
{if you could see me right now, i'm pointing at you through the computer screen.}

second order of newness: did you know that my daughter is a gangster? not in the gun-toting, toss you in the river with a slab of concrete kind. but the kind that totally does things her own way. sound familiar? if you clicky click on that gangster button, you'll read all about her hilarious antics. seriously, she's kind of a big deal. so do it. 

third order of newness: {AND THE MOST EXCITING!} mommyhood now sells ad space.
i'll let you marinate on that for a minute.... *silence* okay. are you done? GOOD. i figured the present is the best time, right? so i'm opening up mommyhood. i've already got two fabulous sponsors and you should really go check them out. i'll highlight them in the next few posts...don't you worry.

so friends. i hope you're as excited about the newness as i am. seriously, i woke up and ran to my computer to type this. i'm that nerdy, um awesome.

because my day wouldn't be complete without you...
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