bloggy bootcamp aka the best weekend of my bloggin life. {part one}

the night before bloggy bootcamp seattle, i could NOT sleep. it was like i suddenly got a burst of energy and couldn't turn my body off to get some sleep. it was like the first day of school. nevertheless, i managed to get about four hours of shut-eye before my alarm went off. when the blaring started, i groaned and glared at my phone until i realized it was bloggy bootcamp day and then i jumped out of bed with a quickness! 

i went early for the breakfast sponsored by Invisalign Teen. apparently, i overestimated saturday morning traffic because i got there in a speedy thirty minutes {it normally takes about forty five minutes to an hour}. 

yea....and no one was there. 
over-achiever much?

as the conference went on, i met some really amazing ladies {and brent}. it was nice to meet people who i'd been blog-stalking for the past two years and GASP! some of these people even knew ME! it was awesome. there were times where i totally felt like the creepy, awkward girl..but for the most part- i was able to strike up a conversation with just about everyone i came in contact with. 

 the speakers were PHENOM. i have to admit, i was a bit skeptical that i'd learn anything that i could put to good use in my own blog - as it is more lifestyle driven. but i learned quite a bit.

THIS, friends. is Jenny from Jenny On The Spot
she's famous. and pretty fackin hilarious, if i do say so. and omgah...she was WORKING the short dress. 
can i have your legs? or is that creepy? whoops.
listening to her speak about content on a lifestyle blog was definitely what i needed to hear. 
she confirmed some things for me {like no auto-play music and pictures rock} and i also learned some things {like too many pics of your kiddos? add a story, make it interesting to your readers}. she's a total doll and is the kind of women i keep in my inner circle...funny, gorgeous, interesting and smart. 

THIS, oh readers of mine, is Carol Schiller. 
she's kind of a big deal. and when i say kind of...i mean she IS.
she's the go-to gal for social media, in my opinion. she spoke to us about writing pitches that don't suck.
i wrote ONE sucky pitch once upon a time, got a definite NO, and immediately decided i hated trying to monetize my blog. lol but she opened my eyes to why i was told no and how to get a yes. she totally inspired me to try and get out there. the worst that can happen is getting a no. and i've already gotten that!! the worst part? i was taking so many detailed notes on my ipad. then i hit a button and erased over half of them! ACK! i wanted to cry. so if anyone has great notes from her presentation..can ya send 'em my way...please?

omgah friends...it's Danae from My Real Life Was Backordered.
one- isn't that an awesome blog name? two- she's absolutely fantastic
i'm gushing.
danae is a fantastic writer who wants us ALL to be fantastic writers. she's incredibly captivating and you'll find yourself hanging on her every word. or maybe that's the creepy chic in me. and BONUS- she's a musician. so when she was talking about minor sevenths...i was all kinds of googly-eyed. lol
she even offered to read and edit a sample of everyone's writing as her free swag to us. seriously, she's amazing. 

oh- and she was worried about being before lunch because everyone would be too distracted by their rumbling tummies. welp. i, for one, wished she would've kept going. food can wait. awesome speakers are so worth it!

lunch was amazing too.
need i say more? 
{i NOMed my face off}

now that i've reminded you that you're hungry by posting the delicious food they served us, i'm going to let you go eat. don't worry, i'll pause the blog here. come on back when you're done. besides, this post is kind of long already...all 678 words of it. {is that all...}

...to be continued.

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