bella is six weeks old! oh my!

um. did i really only have bella six weeks ago? and at the same time, has it really been six weeks already? gosh..i can't believe it. on one hand, it feels like she's been here forever but on the other- it's like she's still so brand new.

my dear bellz, you truly are a godsend. you are such an amazing little girl and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives. God is still working on us through you. and i know we can make it through all of these health issues with Him on our side.

as of this week, you've had numerous blood tests and two liver biopsies. all of which have the doctors stumped as to what is exactly going on with your liver. tomorrow, you and i will head to Seattle Children's Hospital, where you'll be admitted for your open cholangiogram. it's another diagnostic procedure where they inject dye directly into your bile duct system to see what's going on. this is the most extensive way of determining what's wrong so i'm hoping that the docs can FINALLY give us an answer. i know you're tired of being poked and prodded.

all of the liver stuff aside, you are getting so big! when you went in for your last biopsy, you were 6lbs15oz and 19 inches long. when you were discharged, the next day...you were 7lbs2oz. whew girl! slow down!!! actually...don't listen to me on that. please keep growing and being amazing! you are definitely in a growth spurt because you seriously nurse ALL. THE. TIME. a few times i've had to beg your dad to take you so i can get a few minutes of shut-eye. you have a decent latch, but you're super lazy about it. you suck, pull away, go to sleep, the root around again for the breast and get mad when i'm not helping you get latched back on fast enough. i wish you would just stay latched on your own. i have to hold your head in place to get you to stay latched. lol

side note: today we tried nursing in public without a cover. it went surprisingly well. again, i had to hold your head there but it went well. i only got a few curious stares, but other than that..nothing major.

you are starting to stay awake more during the day. you're attempting to hold your head up, which is absolutely hilarious. you kind of just bob your head there and try to hold it upright. then you give up and turn it to the side. you make THE cutest faces. most of them are scowls, like your brother, but they're so cute. i can't really say much about your personality....because i can't see one in you yet. but i have a feeling you're a sassy little bugger.

sleep is....well, these days...it's  a bit rough. it's a combination of my staying up late to blog and whatnot and then you waking up and refusing to eat, but then getting mad at me for not feeding you. i shake my head little girl!! you've gotta be nice to mommy. lol and it doesn't make it any better when your brother AND your dad sleep walk all over the house. please just be my little angel and help mommy get some sleep at night. lol you used to be such an amazing sleeper.

my dear bellz...i love you more than you'll ever understand or comprehend. you are such a beautiful little one and i can't thank God enough for you. keep on fighting baby girl. and i'll be there by your side the entire way.

love for all eternity. mommy.

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