oh hai. we're on a vacation...of sorts.

not really.

actually--- bella, charlie, and i are all up here at seattle children's hospital and austin is at home with my mother-in-law aka grandma lady. this isn't really a vacation, unless you consider being able to sit in a hospital room all day, watching tv, and snuggling your baby whenever you can a vacation. is it sad that part of me does? the sleepy, exhausted, super tired part of me...


bella's doctor called yesterday and informed us that the results from the second biopsy were just as equivocal {non-definitive} as ever, but they showed worse findings {if that makes sense...it doesn't to me. *shrugs*} and we would be moving on the next course of action. SURGERY. because the surgeon from madigan isn't available, he took the liberty of getting us scheduled for admission and transferred up here at seattle children's. so we've been here since 11am.

we thought they were going to do the surgery today or tomorrow at the latest, but after talking to an entire surgical team working on her case {awesome sauce}, they've decided they want to run their own labs and then look at doing surgery on thursday or friday. *le sigh* i was hoping they'd do it sooner rather than later since my MIL is here now and has been uber helpful in taking care of the chub while charlie and i focus on miss bellz. but worse case scenario...i'll just have to juggle. and i've learned to juggle pretty well.

oh- and yea..the hubs informed me that for two weeks, starting on the 19th, i'll be a "single ma". he's going to air assault school, which i knew of and encouraged. but i didn't know he'd actually be GONE. crap. more on that later.

so yea. that's where we are. that's where i'm coming from. i have my super cool Sony Bloggie here with me, but i forgot to bring my laptop. i have the iPad, but i can't hook a USB connection to it. so i'm having the hubs bring my camera and the laptop tomorrow so i can document our time here. i apologize for the lack of pictures in this post...minus the logo. tomorrow i'm going to tell you all about the coolest hospital i've ever been in.

spoiler alert: it's here.

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