see this face?

THAT'S how excited i am to be going to bloggy bootcamp tomorrow!

scary, isn't it?

please, if you see me...don't run away screaming or pretend to be really busy...
because i'm really, incredibly, painfully shy and awkward.
not NEARLY as cool in person as i seem on the interwebz.
i say "yea" and nod a lot..
and i tend to laugh really loudly at a joke that i'm not included in.
i'm hardly EVER the cool kid.
but once you get to know me...i promise...you'll like me.
{unless you just won't...then i'll feel super dumb}

but yea. the moral of the story is...

i'm not as lame as i seem in real life. i promise.

so talk to me..please!

{and take one of my business cards that have stressed me out all week. mmk?}

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