the one where Wendys stole my loyalty from that other chain. {and a giveaway}

i was contacted a few weeks ago, along with other bloggers, and asked if i'd like to participate in a "taste-test" of sorts for this new salad that wendys has on their menu. among the details included that they would be paying for our lunch and compensating us for our time and opinion. so um, free food AND money just to tell you what i think? I'M IN. {especially if it won't derail my healthy eating attempts!}

so on sunday, the mays family loaded up and headed to the nearby Wendy's. we met with Kristi from The Geek Voice and Trisha from 24/7 Moms {and their families too!} and we dug in. the initial plan was to head over to a nearby park, but the weather was just too blah and windy to sit outside so we opted to stay at the restaurant.

so about this salad: it's a berry almond chicken salad and their special comes with a wildberry tea. the salad includes greens, strawberries, blueberries, asiago cheese and chicken. it comes with a packet of almonds and a packet of low-fat raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

my salad, completely dressed

wildberry tea
{austin had to put two straws in}

and can i just say: OH. MY. NOM. i'm not one to sit here and say the salad was good if it wasn't, but seriously- i was shoveling it down. i couldn't stop eating it and almost ordered another to go, but i managed to stop myself. what do i love about this salad? oh let me list the ways:

1) it really is tasty.
2) they use a mixture of greens, not just cheap iceberg lettuce.
3) the berries? those bad boys are FAH-RESH. like right-off-the-vine fresh.
4) the chicken was LEGIT. it wasn't chicken pieces or the left over bad parts. 
it was the beautiful breast. perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked. perfect chicken.
5) there is enough ingredients to last the entire meal.
{at that other chain} 
you always run out of good ingredients once you get past the top layer. 
not with this salad. you have delish extras through til the last bite.
6) did i mention those berries were fresh?
7) and the cheese and almonds are nice surprises! i thought they'd clash with the salad, but nope!
the perfect compliment.
8) and that low-fat raspberry vinaigrette dressing?!?! omg! NOM.
i typically have to have two packets of dressing, but this one pack
{though deceivingly small} was the perfect amount.

don't be fooled. there are plenty, PLENTY of other reasons that this salad is the bomb dot com. and i think YOU should go out and try it friends. that's right! Wendy's and The Motherhood is sponsoring a giveaway for my mommyhood. readers. they want you to try this delish salad for FREE too! {but even if you don't win...go-get-this-salad-now!} just writing about it makes me want to run out and get one! 

so like i said: Wendy's and The Motherhood wants to give one of y'all a $25 gift card to try this new menu item. and i HIGHLY recommend it. want to enter? all you have to do is comment on this post between now and Sunday June 5th, midnight PST and you're automatically entered. i'll draw a winner at random using random.org and will post the winners. 

please, please PLEASE enter. you'll regret not going and getting this salad. AND- you can get it for FREEEEEEE. 

austin throwing playing with toys while we wait for food.

woot! me and my guy..excited for foodz!

cutest little girl- sarah {kristi's daughter} waiting in line.

charlie couldn't wait to taste my salad! meanie.

austin wanted in on the action too!

sarah again...she was so adorable!

bella was all, "hey ma! i want some salad too!"



Chef Austin all up in my food.

my thoughts: "i'd LIKE to be noming- but austin isn't letting me!"

heh heh...little stinker.

sneaking bites when i wasn't looking!

{l-r} ME! Kristi {my geek voice} and Trisha {24/7 moms}

Trisha's darling family!

Kristi and her awesome fam!

oh. and we're the Mays'...
{i LOVE austin's face...}

{comment and enter this giveaway. me love you long time}

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: for my participation in this review, i was compensated by Wendy's and The Motherhood. the thoughts, reflections and opinions are 100% genuine and honest and not affected by said compensation.

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