my child is a gangster.

we're just gonna start calling her Sassy Pants McGee...

if there's one thing you should know about my Bellz, 
it's that she is TOUGH.
she didn't cut me one ounce of slack during her pregnancy.

she showed that no one gets to look at her stuff! yay modesty!

and we mustn't forget THIS whole ordeal.

but this, THIS my friends...sums up why my pretty Bellz is a gangster.

this is what she looked like yesterday after getting out of surgery.

THIS is what she looks like now.
do you need another angle to see the difference?

her nose tubing is gone. 

you think, "so what? no big D, right?"

wait. wait for it, friends.

my daughter, - the almost-8-lb-er, weak from surgery- said EFF. THIS.
and YANKED that tube out of her nose. 

do i even need to add that the tube went down to her stomach?

she's a gangster.

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