Candid Moments

i'm a big fan of candid shots, but i always have a hard time capturing them the way i want them. as a photohobbyist, i try to get a shot that looks great SOOC. well at least, it looks great to me. other, more experienced people would probably think it needed some post-processing...but i digress.

anyway. i happened across this blog, Click It Up A Notch, that gives out great tips. the "challenge" this week is capturing a candid moment and doing it the right way. sadly, the moment i wanted to capture happened before i could read this post, BUT..i'm linking up anyway...in hopes to get some feedback.

i don't know if you can tell, but this was the first time Charlie held Bella after her surgery. he was crying.
it was such a tender moment and i had to snap a photo.

i'd LOVE critiques on this photo. i know it's not my best or even close to that good.
but..hey. i'm still trying to learn my new lens.

ISO 800  |  f/1.8  |  1/40s

Click it Up a Notch

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