Oh What Lovely Sponsors: Through The Lens of KG!

who is that gorgeous lady pictured with me, you ask?

well she's the genius behind Through The Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, that's who! if you haven't been by her blog, you really are missing out. if you know me, you know that i've recently become a photohobbyist and am trying to soak up as much info i can about it. her blog is perfect for people like me! and maybe people like YOU too! there hasn't been one post that i've read where i didn't learn something new to apply to my own photography. she really is amazing.

she blogs, she's a photographer, she does photo sessions and even gives lessons! oh, AND she's a sponsor of mommyhood. that last one makes her my favorite..lol kidding!

she makes me want to shoot from the hip!
she makes you think about good vs bad photography
and she makes it okay to experiment in manual
{i'm trying to implement all of these right now}

Kimberly offers photo sessions! Great pics at great rates! She even has a package directly for social media!!! Because you KNOW we all need a great profile pic! Now don't worry about it- let Kimberly take over for you! Seriously, she's talented guys! 

AND BONUS! If you LIKE her on facebook, you get a copy of her free e-book, FIVE EASY STEPS TO SHOOT IN MANUAL. that's pretty sweet, if you ask me! so go check out her blog and get tah subscribin' and likin'!!

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