Oh What Lovely Sponsors: Sweet Babies In Yarn!

if you're like me, when you see little ones you swoon and drool. no? that's just me? *cough* awkwaaaarrrd..... hehe. anyway. the swooning and drooling goes to a whole 'nutha level when i see a baby wearing a cute hat or headband...esPECIALLY if it's homemade. no joke.

so insert cute estsy shop here... Sweet Babies In Yarn and Lyndsay! 

i was on facebook when i saw one of my friends who liked her shop, so i checked it out. the title alone drew me in. and i just LOVED what i found. i tried to be this creative for things with austin and bella, but i just can't do the cute things that she can do. my favorites? 

aviator hat

giraffe hat

i love her work because she's a SAHM just like me and she's got two littles who've been her inspiration for the work she does! i think mommy's who do work at home are awesome! i just wonder how they have the time!! teach me your ways, Lyndsay. 

i really love having Lyndsay and Sweet Babies in Yarn as a sponsor for mommyhood. did you know she also has a facebook page? if you LIKE her page, you're opening the door for more giveaways and exclusives...yes, friends. EXCLUSIVES. so GO. do that!

and BONUS! because Lyndsay is so awesome possum, she's offering a discount code in her etsy shop: type in code THISMOMMYSHOOD and you'll get 15% off any item in her shop! FOR. THE. WIN!

just saw this today..isn't it the CUTEST?!

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