ZOMG! It's an inferno out here...

hey franzzzz! if you follow me on the tweet side, you know bella and i decided on a last minute roadtrip over to spokane to surprise my grandma for her 75th birthday party. and we decided to take a vacation to spend time with my side of the family since our summer is going to be HEC-TIC with a capital h! 

so because of that last minute roadtrip and coupled with the fact that we hit the ground running and haven't really stopped until yesterday....i've been MIA on the blog front. and i missed you all terribly! NO WORRIES- i've been keeping up with reading your blogs. i tell ya, checking your google reader and seeing that you have 201 new blogs to read at two am...what a great feeling. lol

in any case, i missed ya. and i'm back.

oh. but here's the downside: i left my camera charger at home. and i've taken over 700 photos in the last few days. sooooooo any pictures are coming from my camera phone or my bloggie..mmk? sorry for the quality in advance. and what's a post without pictures? so here ya go... snapshots.

my chublet.

dress:  ROSS | shoes/ jewelry: payless 
my ensemble at my grandma's bday party. 

me and chub dancing on the dance floor...

i seriously drooled over this fireplace out at the casino.
i want it in my house!

this has been kicking my arse this week. 
i'm in so much pain.

i'll try to take more pictures with my phone!!!

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can you? please? thaaaaanks!

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