what i want to say.

happy father's day to my amazing husband.
it's pictures like these that remind me that it all started with us.

in two super short years, we have grown from just two people who fell in love
{as cheesy as it sounds}
to a family of four. 

i've watched you go from a fun, loving guy who'd do anything for his wife,
to a fun, loving guy who'd conquer the world for his children.

most days, you make me shake my head and laugh.
others, you make me want to slam my head into a wall. 
{honesty is hard to hear. lol}

but every time i see austin light up when you come through the door 
or the way that you snuggle bella close and kiss her cheeks,
when you change one of austin's incredible diapers,
{because it's incredible that he produced so much poop}
or you scrunch your body into our too-small bathtub to take a bath with him,
when you get up in the middle of the night so i can get at least an hour of sleep,
or when i catch you playing with austin's toys
or any of the millions of things you do with and for our kids

i can't help but swoon.

so thank you husband for being a great dad
but even more so, for being the daddy to my babies.
{hehe, baby daddy}

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