what they would say.

dear daddy {or da-da, as i call you.}

you're the bestest.

you do fun things with me like go to the park and teach me how to climb on things.

just like you- i've learned how to fall asleep around the house. anytime. doing anything.

there was this one time, you pointed a gun at me. that wasn't cool dad. but i still love you.

we always have a great time at the park. you push me on the swings and go down the slide with me. 
my favorite place is to be on your shoulders. 

i like taking naps with you too, dad.

you don't like to, but you always share your food with me. 

i really am your biggest fan.
and you're my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

you recently gave me a little sister...
we need to talk about this.
next time, can you ask first?

and as cute as she is..and i love her to death.
i'm glad to know she'll never come between us.
i'm still your number one guy. 

happy father's day to the bestest da-da in all the land.

love forever and ever
with all of my heart,


oh. p.s

Bella says thanks and she loves you too.

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