Bella is three months old!

My dear Bellz,

where or where has the time gone? sorry to sound like every other astonished mommy, but you're growing too fast on me little one. you are seriously the most beautiful girl i've ever seen....even with your big bug eyes. i was telling your dad yesterday that there were a couple weeks where i'd look at you with kind of a side eye because you were changing. i don't know if that makes sense, but it happened to your brother too. there's a sort of "face change" after some time and you were developing your "face"....i'm just gonna stop there. it probably won't make sense to anyone but me. lol but like i said, you are the most beautiful girl in the world.

i sing that to you every day. it goes like this: "the most beautiful girl in the world, she is bella...my bella" and you LOVE it. you crack that big ole' cheesy grin and melt my heart when you do. you like it when we talk to you. and you just LOVE watching your big brother. as soon as you see him, your face just lights up. seriously, it's the cutest. and he's being a lot more gentle with you. whenever he sees you crying, he says "shh" and tries to hand you the pacifier. and even one time, he heard you crying when i was in the bedroom on the computer and he came in the room saying "bella, bella"...well of course not exactly your name, but he got the point across.

you are a pretty laid back little lady. you don't like to cuddle as much as i would like you to, but when you want to be in someone's arms, you aren't satisfied until you are in those arms. other than that, you like to swing away in your swing and spend quite a bit of time in there. you are quite the wiggle worm. i really wouldn't be surprised if you crawled sooner rather than later. you already scoot whenever we put you on your belly. you rolled over twice the other night when mommy walked out of the room. i wonder if you were looking for me. :D you're pretty quiet and you barely coo, but when you do little one...it's the most amazing sound. lol

i'm amazed by you every single day. the strength you possess inspires me to keep going and to have faith. God has definitely worked through you to get to me and i can't thank Him enough for you. you've taught me, even more, to walk by faith and to trust in the Lord. i know you're a special little lady and i can't wait to watch you grow into an amazing little girl and woman.

love forever and ever,

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