Happy 236th Birthday AMEDD!

i was all kinds of prepared for the hubs to be gone all weekend, save for a few hours. well, i was mentally preparing myself and also dreading it like no other. yesterday morning he left to go join the other guys of the color guard to practice for the ceremonies they'd be participating in for the 236th AMEDD ball last night. oh yea, in case you didn't know...hubs is part of the color guard. lol

since we needed to go grocery shopping, we decided to stop by and visit daddy with some of the delicious wendy's berry almond chicken salad. {seriously...we're addicted to this salad.}

it was decided that i probably wouldn't go because we didn't have a sitter. so it was nice to look around and see how things were unfolding. then i got a call from a friend of ours who was willing to take the kids. once i got the confirmation that i still had a ticket reserved, we were both excited! we needed the night off from parenting...just being honest.


then she discovered that her husband had plans for the family. so once again, i wasn't going.
i randomly sent a text message to a good friend of mine, KeAnna, and she said she'd come over and watch the kiddos!


so we were back on!!
the only problem? WHAT TO WEAR?!?!?!?!

 i gave away all of my many ball gowns not too long so i literally had two dresses to choose from. one from the last ball we went to and this one dress that is suuuuper sexy. meaning "the girls would be on display". well, because i don't like to wear the same thing twice around the same crowd...i went with the super sexy one. AND  i topped it off with my rabbit fur. 

yes, it's real. 
and yes, i was petted during the night.

 the color guard
don't they look niiiiice?!

this guy is the Army Surgeon General...
General Schoomaker.
{he's a 3-star. kind of a big deal}

and this scrumptious piece of man meat is my hubs. 
*le swoon*

Jami and I...this time we weren't wearing the same dress..lol

my hair wasn't supposed to fall flat..lol it was curled on that side and yeaaaaaa didn't last. 

after many tries, we finally got to the right table!

they let us take these home!

then they turned the lights off. :(

 so serious. 
so now you need to smile.

this would've been amaze-balls if the steak wasn't overdone.
but it was free..so i'm not complaining.

dressed up in old uniforms for part of the festivities.

and they cut this cake with a sword. 
talk about badass!

the nordmanns!
the mays'.
and i'd had a sufficient amount of wine by then. lol

all in all..it was a great night! totally unexpected and not how i imagined my weekend starting,
but soooo much fun!

and as for stepping out.

i got the dress from my mom and dad. they bought it years ago.
and my shoes were from the PX.

and hubs was wearing his dress blues. 
you can guess where those came from. lol

ps. and the hubs' birthday is on monday. so i'm totally excited for another parents day out!

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