priorities and time


i saw this on the fb page of a friend. ain't that the truth?!

it's always funny to me to see who is truly your friend. becoming a wife didn't really change much with friendships. but becoming a mother definitely changed a lot. suddenly, when people ask how i am...it's tired. i'm constantly called lazy because i don't actually "work". people wonder why my car is never clean and always filled with food. no, it's not that i don't clean it. in fact, i try to keep it organized at all times. but having a toddler who likes to throw his snacks rather than eat them....you see where i'm going with this. and honestly, there just really isn't enough time in the day. not to accomplish everything i want AND have an hour or two to myself.

if i had the time, i'd snuggle my kids a lot longer. i'd actually use my kindle and finish reading novels that i've started. speaking of novels, i'd finish the one i've been writing for years. i'd take hour long bubble baths without fear that a wild-banshee of a toddler would come in and disrupt my peace. i'd probably take much better care of my appearance. i'd take an afternoon nap. laundry would be done all the time. i'd probably cook more and clean even more than i already do. yes, friends...if i had the time.

but i don't. and honestly, that's okay.

because seeing my two littles happy, attached and content is all that i need in this world. i'll run on three hours of sleep because i spent all night kissing their little heads and rocking them, gently coo-ing them back to sleep. i'll keep cleaning up the same messes because austin loves his toys...the more spread out the better. i'll wear sweats and have feet badly in need of a pedicure because i chose to hang with the littles rather than spend thirty minutes in the bathroom getting ready and an hour at the salon getting pampered. 

it's so so worth it. and i'm glad that the people who are in my life {who may not understand} completely respect that mommyhood is the craziest time. i may have changed priorities, but i'm still the same ole' girl. 

just with a little less time on her hands, that's all.

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