but WHY?

as horrible as this is...in some ways.. it's utterly hilarious. like the whole thing. please.. watch it. you'll thank me later.

my thoughts:

1. why do people name their kids weird names? like REALLY?

2. hide and seek: LOLz austin and i play this game and he thinks it's HILARIOUS!

3. yes, my kids run my house too. sad truth.

4. hmm that's an interesting way to ensure we have little number three....should hubs be against the idea. lol jk

5. ZOMG. i KNOW understand other parents when i'm out in public. lol

6.  austin still doesn't talk, nor does bella... but i fear i'll have this conversation soon enough. lol. whyyyyy?

seriously though, this guy's humor is like DEAD ON like mine. hahahaha

disclaimer: this video is funny. but it has curse words in it. lots of 'em. directed at kids, even. if that bothers you, i won't be offended if you exit. but you've been warned! :)

and no, i don't condone cussing out your children. lol

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