Ten Words That Shouldn't Exist...because I say so.

i'm linking up again with Stasha from The Good Life for Monday Listicles.  this week's topic is ten words i can't stand...lol this should be interesting. enjooooooooy. and go read more over at her blog!!

10 Words That Shouldn't Exist...
...because I said so, dangit.

10. Jiggle.
{i mean, REALLY?!} 

9. Can't.
{because really, you just don't WANT to.}

8. Shwasted.
{this bothers me to no end. where does the SH come from jerkface?}

7. M-Fer.
{i feel like a jerk when i try to say it. so i don't}

6. Effing A.
{um...why in the world would someone say the F word, then the A word when they're mad?
ykwim? like when they stub a toe or something? LAME.}

5. Cock.
{it's just awkward.}

4. The 'N' word.
{i've actually NEVER said this word. my husband tries to get me to and i refuse.
it's just dumb. regardless of race. just stop saying it.}

3. Pussy.
{whether you're being a perv or talking about your cat...i HAAAAAAATE it.}

2. Bone.
{you know...as a verb. UGH.}

and the number one word...

1. Moist.
{ugh. i shudder whenever i hear this word. it's just nasty.}

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