interacting FAIL

on sunday, a couple moms and i had decided to get together and have the kiddos interact. all of us had had a little in the last few months. two of us had two kids under two while the lucky one, heleen, just welcomed her first...baby liam!! it was a lot of fun. keanna {mom of alivia and nate} made an awesome dinner for the whole lot of us and i got to finally see baby liam. but most of all, i was excited for austin to finally have some interaction with other toddlers.

i should've known...he cried practically the entire time...save for like the last hour and a half because he finally felt comfortable. lol and it didn't help the livi was beating the crap out of him!!! serves him right!! he plays rough all. the. TIME. at home, but when the tables turn he wants to cry like a baby. hahaha.. okay okay...i'm just kidding. i felt bad for him when he was legitimately hurt, but i'm kind of torn between wanting to shelter him and wanting him to get out there and get his feet wet when it comes to meeting and hanging with other kids. i know livi didn't mean to hurt him, so i don't fault her at all. she's so adorable. and MAN does she have a personality. let me put it this way...if our daughters imitate us...i'm in a whole MESS of trouble when bella gets older...lol

it was a lot of fun even though he cried a lot. i've gotta get him out and about more often, though. lol

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