happy fourth of america, y'all.

remember that holiday that just passed? well, my internet was being a big ole' lamey-sauced lame face. so here's my super late fourth update....that rhymed. lol

last year for the fourth, i posted THIS. and it rawked my face. this year, my fourth was pretty laid back. we slept in {well bella and i did} until almost noon. then we had "breakfast" and just lounged around. we didn't even start our "ghetto barbecue" until around four pm. talk about lazeh! {laze- eh} and i love it.

i love our country. i'm american through and through. and i'm proud of my husband's efforts to keep america free. {bc you know, xrays are important...dangit!}

oh no, now i'm feeling compelled to sing "God bless the USA."......so while i go off and sing that {all off key and really horribly---i had some pepsi since today is my cheat day...and you know pepsi makes me go crazy. or maybe you didn't know...but now you do!}...hmm where was i? oh right..yes. enjoy these pictures. and just imagine me singing really bad in the background.

♥ you.
happy fourth of july.

{and yes, we all wore red, white, and blue. bc we rawwwk}

pee dot ess:
did you notice i said fourth of america in my post title?
yea...kiranda FAIL. 
on an epic scale.

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