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anyone who knows me will recognize that lately i've been in a "funk" of sorts. i'm kind of in denial that i'm a mom of 2 and still under 25. i have moments where i just need to let my "freak flag fly". for example, i have piercings and tattoos and i just recently cut my hair super funky short {at least for me anyway}. so when i ran across Ribbon Rings on facebook and then on etsy, i just HAD to contact her about sponsoring mommyhood.

her shop is just uber cute. it ranges from everyday wear to rockabilly style to vintage stuff. there's literally something in there for everyone, no matter WHAT your personal style! i love her rings! they are the perfect little POP to add pizzazz {yes, pizzazz} to your wardrobe. here are some of my favorites:

sassy leopard ring

pink rose feather ring

filigree flower rings

aren't they just DARLING?!

oh. and ps...she's looking to start making nursing covers. can you say
*swoooooon* i can't wait to rock one of those!

and because she wants you to have a little bit of rockabilly/vintage style in your life 
as much as i do, she's offering $10 to her shop to one lucky Mommyhood reader!
yep. YOU can have your pick in her shop for FREE!!

What do you have to do?

Go LIKE her facebook page or HEART her etsy page
and comment here and tell me about it!


now GO. you'll never forgive yourself if you don't. ;)

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