Gettin' Mah Shred On...and why my husband sucks at photos.

today, i got my shreeeeeed on.
{can you hear me saying it?}

i'd wanted to link up with the other blog ladies and start shreddin' last month, but with bella's surgery and traveling and not even getting the dvd from netflix until a few days ago {because let's face it, i'm not paying for it if i can get it from netflix}....i had to wait until now to start. truthfully, i could've started last week, but i was super intimidated. let's get real here: jillian michaels is scary. like even when she smiles, she has a mean look in her eyes like she wants to tear the fat off your body and rip your muscles into shape. {my kinda trainer!}. and i've been hearing how gawd-awful the workouts are so who would want to do that to themselves?

but, after realizing that heading just down the street to workout for an hour at the gym is not always feasible...i decided that it only makes sense to have something to do when i have to be home and Insanity is just too insane for me. insert 30 Day Shred! 

to recap: i've been alternating with gym days and the Insanity workout for the last two weeks. and i do feel stronger. i've also stopped drinking soda {well except on my "rest/cheat" days} and the same goes for fast food. if i'm eating fast food, it's because 1) it's a cheat day or 2) i'm eating something like the wendy's berry almond chicken salad. it's healthy, but fast. ya feel me? 

anyway..on to the nitty gritty:

tell-tale signs of abs? maybe?

chest {widest part}: 38in
left arm: 12 in
right arm: 11.5 in
natural waist: 31 in
belly button: 36 in
hips: 46 {yea, i expected that}
left thigh: 28 in
right thigh: 28 in

so all in all, since high school.... my chest and thighs have only gone up 2-3 inches. and my natural waist has grown about 6-7 inches. whereas the area across my belly button has grown over 11 inches. YOWZA! my hips are up about 5-6 inches. i know my arms have grown but i'm not sure by how much.

i think the shred is tough, but not impossible. i worked up a little sweat, that's for sure. but i made it through the twenty minutes feeling about the same as i do after an hour at the gym. i will say this, my arms are KILLING ME. working out with 5lb weights definitely ups the anty. i figure by the end of this week i'll be onto level 2. i really do like her 3-2-1 philosophy. not once was i dying to move onto the next thing like i am with insanity. lol so yea, jillian.  BRING-IT-ON. i'll shred you FIRST! :P

OH...and this is what happens when you ask your husband to take pictures of you.
{ps. all photos in this post are post-shred/first thing in the morning. so excuse the hot-mess-ness of it all}

husband, FAIL.  smh...

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