Sneak Peek: Xin Engagement Shoot

yesterday i had the pleasure of spending seven hours with a couple who have been great friends of mine since high school. they recently got engaged and asked if i would be willing to do their engagement shoot. it was a beautiful day in seattle and we really had a great time walking around gas works and discovery park....and i had a great time watching them get thistles all over their clothes while i stayed safe from bushes and bugs. lol

here's a few preview shots. critiques are welcome!

Captured by K. | Engagements
Anthony and Jina

i'm so glad they're finally getting married...well in 2013! i knew when anthony introduced us to jina it was going to last!! and they're the last of "the group" to get married! i'm so excited for them and can't wait to see how their beautiful love story unfolds.

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