Monday Listicles

i'm linking up for the first time EVAR with Stasha at The Good Life for her Monday Listicles. and YOU should too. when it comes down to it, i'm pretty random. my sense of humor is whacked, i think the most random things , and i make a fool of myself at LEAST twice a day. so here's my listicle of things JUST TODAY that would make you scrunch your face, raise your eyebrow, and say, "say what now?"

things that would make you go "hmm?" {all of these things thought/said today....}
10. my husband insinuated he wanted sex before his workout. i told him i had to take a dump. 
{moment killer}
9. my upper lip currently smells like sweat.
8. when i'm in bed, i throw my used q-tips on the floor. {because getting up is too much movement}
7. when in bed with a full-bladder, i often contemplate if peeing the bed is really all that taboo.
6. the word moist makes me cringe.
5. i think i'm addicted to the feeling of tired, sore, and ripped muscles.
4. "why is my son grabbing his pee pee in front of me?"
3. i wanted to make serious sweet love to my friend's camera lens yesterday. it was dreamy.
2. i totally did an air electric guitar solo driving down the freeway this afternoon.
1. harry potter #7, part 1: the scene where harry gets a wand from ron who got it from a snatcher and attempts some magic with the flames-in-a-jar that hermione makes... "engorgio...REDUCIO!" has me rolling every. single. time. lmao!

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