my littles.

does it get any better?
i don't think so.

never would i have ever imagined that i would be so blessed with two of the world's greatest kiddos. yes, raising two under two is incredibly hard. but the rewards are sooo worth it. 

i get an endless supply of kisses
regular AND eskimo style.
i get high-fives 
and big squeezes.
and the smiles....
oh, the smiles...they melt my heart .
i'm a big ole' mommy puddle after those smiles.

i hate seeing them cry, but i love when those tiny arms and hands 
reach for me.
and those tear-filled eyes beg for comfort and 
kisses that only mommy can give.

i wish they behaved at home, but they save their best behavior for others.
i love the secret language that only i can understand
and the simple looks that speak volumes.
no matter how big they get, i'll always want them to
climb on my lap and snuggle close
so they'll hear that my heart only beats because i live for them.

every night i sing to them:
i love you forever
i like you for always
as long as i am living
my baby you will be.

and it couldn't be more true.
i love my littles...to the moon and back.
, and then some.

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