my home.

as much as i complain about washington and all of its' craziness, i really do love it here. over the last twenty years, i've fallen in love.when it wants to, washington can be quite beautiful. there's just so much natural beauty around here. you can't help but believe in God and know that He crafted all of this with His almighty hands. you just can't. 

this summer is a little bittersweet for me. i'm excited to leave and expand my horizons, that's for sure. and i won't miss the winters...the everlasting winters that seem to never end. but i will miss spring and summer here. i'll miss the green. i'll miss the crazy, intense blue. i'm going to miss coastal living. there's nothing like fresh FRESH seafood. like straight off the boat fresh. and i'm going to miss driving five minutes just to dip my toes in the frigid, cold water....no matter what time of year it is. i'm going to miss being a quick five hour drive from my family...even though they're insane. lol and my best friends...the very best friends i'll ever have. gosh, i wish i could pack them with me and take them wherever i go. but i know our close proximity hasn't determined the bond we have. those gals are my sisters and no matter where i am, they'll always be the people i share everything with.

who knows? the army may send us back here. one never knows. but i'm soaking up as much of washington as i can before we pack up and leave. i don't think i'll ever love a place quite as much as i love it here in the pnw. 

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