ready, set...ACTIONS.

a friend of mine sent me a copy of CS5 and it arrived today. so for the last few hours i've been installing it {why did it take so long, seriously?} and i tried it out. is there anyone who is willing to help teach me a few things about photoshop...because i'm just LOST. like seriously lost and overwhelmed. lol

anyways...here is a picture taken today, by my husband from our time at the park. i used the B&W Action Set from Mandy Chiappini Photography. THANKS MANDY! Check out her blog and follow her tweets, yo. okay..here goes:


B&W- Caramel

B&W- Indigo

B&W- Onyx

B&W- Pop!

B&W- Haze

cool, huh?

lol. NOW. who wants to help me learn this photoshop thing?
links, tutorials and all that stuff is very much welcome!

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