my week in iphone pics- w.1

first time participating. and i took a crap ton of pics this week. lol
linking up with amy @ a good life. and you should too!

 {from l-r}

1. big brother austin loves giving bella her paci...even when she doesn't need or want it. lol
2. this is his new thing. climbing up on the chair to use the computer like mommy does.
3. streeeetch.
4. "mommy...can i help with the laundry?"
5. toast, fruit, and an omelette for daddy and the chubs.
6. laundry will be the death of me. seriously, who wears all of these clothes?!
7-9. visiting daddy at work.
{from l-r}
1. happy birthday to charlie. and kisses.
2. morning snuggles for the birthday guy.
3. yaaaaaawn. lol
4. three most important people in my life.
5. uh-oh. is that a fluffy butt i see. lol
6. side mirror pics are all the latest rage.
7. he sometimes most times hates his carseat. 
8. my grinny baby!! first grin on camera!
9. snuggles at the splash park.

{from l-r}

1. jblm splash park. lots of fun, but the water was FREEZING.
2. my naked chubs staring out the back door. lol
3. "eh?"
4. another one of those creepy grins she has. i just LOVE it.
5. snuggly babes.
6. snuggly babes times 2.
7. playground at fort steilacoom.
8. my second favorite smile in the world!

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