splash park.


there's a splash park here on post that i've been wanting to take austin to and we finally we a few days ago. it was super hot out and there were kids running all over the place. i thought, for sure my kid will make a friend. lol and nope. he's just so content playing by himself. 

it took him a minute to warm up to the cold water because that stuff was FUH-REEZ-ing. but then he found the non-water play area and was having a ball going up the stairs and down the slides. he pretty much dragged charlie all over that thing. lol

and i'm still in denial over the fact that he's such a big boy. can time slow down? bella on the other hand, she was just content sitting in her carseat as long as you gave her attention! lol she loves throwing out those big smiles that show off her dimples and gets really pissy if you're not looking at her when she's smiling at you. lol 

i come alive in the summertime. the sun is my fraaaaan.

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