closet fat kids.

back in 2005, i met a few ladies who made the crazy decision to go to music school. who knew that the tall curly blond girl with the most angelic, smoothest tone around, the super sophisticated girl with super long brown locks {at the time} and a deep, hypnotizing jazzy bluesy voice, and the gorgeous, thin, and tall classical voice major who's voice and raw talent makes it possible for me to sit through an entire two hour concert would become my very best friends in the whole world. 

did you catch all of that?

seriously....these ladies and i...we go back. and just because i love them so much, here's a few flashbacks for your enjoyment!







so after, what eight months or so, we finally got together. it took some coordinating, but we're all pretty good at the facebook mass message. lol i was suuuper excited. i miss these ladies so much, you have no idea. i have other friends and so do they. but there is just something about BEST friends. i can't explain it. i trust all of them with my life, my heart, and my well-being. i know that they'll never say or do anything mean or hurtful. they'll always tell the truth, even when i don't want to hear it. and they accept me for exactly. who. i. am. no reservations, whatsoever. and i LOVE that.  they've been by my side through hell, high water, great times, AMAZING times...you name it...they've been my rock. okay..enough gushing.

of course with us, there's lots of food, wine, and shenanigans. lol i wish i could post some of the things we talked about, but really---it's not appropriate..like  AT. ALL. hahaha. and we go off on the most random tangents. there's always so much catching up to do and we just pick up right where we left off. we stopped at the local farmers market. we went to this amay-zing  sushi joint called Ototo {oh to-to...we're not in kansas anymore....lol } where we received the extra-special treatment because my girl Lauren practically RUNS the joint. i tried sake for the first time and hated it. from what i hear, you have to try it warm. i walked in wedges that were just a smidge too tight and have the blisters to prove it. but the smile that radiates from deep within my heart is totally worth it.

the food we demolished BEFORE dinner.

 miss maggie - her voice is like BUTTAH.
miss susan- she's my fashion idol.
miss lauren- i'd bring her if i was on a deserted island..bc she knows everything.
and she carries a LOT of essentials in her bag!


just a few hours with these ladies makes me a better person. and i love them for being in my life. 

oh. and as for the title of this post. lol we call ourselves CFK...closet fat kids. i even wrote a song for us. why CFK? because we're those kids at summer camp {fat camp} who get caught in the middle of the night surrounded by empty cupcake and candy wrappers and stuffed cheeks. we LOVE to eat. all of our get togethers are planned around food. who's house, who's cooking, what restaurant, what do we need to bring, split tabs, parking, etc. we just LOVE food. 

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